How do I make a booking?

Online Booking

Online booking is available 24 hours a day. Reservations can be completed online at by clicking on Book Now and filling in the application form..

Note: Online reservations will not be accepted for the next day. In this case, please contact the Reservations Department at +302242045870.

Booking by phone

Booking over the phone can be done at any time throughout the day. Contact the Reservations Department of Kos Rental at +302242045870. Alternatively, click on Book Now and fill in the application form.

What information must I provide?

The following information is necessary to complete a reservation:

  • dates/times of travel
  • location of pick up/drop off
  • type of car requested

Once availability is approved, you will receive the rate of the rental. The rate includes basic insurance and sales tax. (VAT)

Can I reserve more than one car at a time?

Yes, depending on availability. Each reservation will have its own booking number.

Choice of car

Kos Rentals Cars

Kos Rentals offers brand new vehicles ideal for city breaks. All of our cars have up-to-date vehicle registrations 2013 and full inspections regularly before each hire.

For information regarding our fleet, please click on Our Fleet.

Can I choose the colour of the car I want?

No. If your preferred colour is available upon request of the rental, we will gladly accomodate your choice.

Are there extra accessories available?

Depending on the type of car, there may be some accessories included in the standard equipment of the car. Added accessories, including children's car seats, can be requested for a small fee at the time of booking depending on availability.

How much is the rental car?

Charges for the rental are tallied every 24 hours. If you hire a car for 26 hours, you will be charged for 2 days. We do allow a 59-minute allowance before you are charged for another day.

The final price of the rental car will depend on the type of car, when it is booked, for how long and where it is picked up and dropped off.

Will I receive a confirmation for my reservation?

If you reserve the car online, you will receive confirmation through your e-mail. You may print it and keep in your files. When you pick up your car, you will receive a contractual lease with the details of your reservation.

Contact info

  • Psalidi, Kos Greece, 85300
  • +302242045870

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